Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master

Testing Addition

How would you test addition? No, seriously, how would you go about testing something like addition? I know what you’re thinking, “It’s such a primitive language feature! Why would anyone actually test that?” Obviously, I’m not advocating that you add test cases for every fundamental language feature your codes uses (unless you’re writing a programming language, that is). Rather, I want to use this admittedly insane example to talk about testing practices and what gets glossed over and missed.

JSON Nesting

If you are one of the lucky ducks that uses PostgreSQL, you likely already know that as of 9.4, that Binary JSON is fully supported! And NoSQL… sorta. We’re still in Postgres, so maybe NotAllThatMuchSQL?

First Forty-Five

I somewhat recently (within the last quarter) made a career jump; however, my transition is not what I want to talk about. No, today I want to talk about on-boarding and off-boarding from the perspective of an organization. Over my career, I’ve spent 5 summers as an intern, 5 years working with interns and recent hires, and undergone my recent transition myself. I am not an HR specialist, nor have I ever been a part of “Workforce”, “Recruiting”, “Resource Management”, or whatever linguistic veneer your company wraps around the job duties of “people management that excludes hiring, firing, and payroll.” These have always been elective duties. Why?

All Aboard

So, you finally got that new developer you’ve been looking for! This is fantastic! You’ll be able to chip away at your backlog (which has been growing out of control lately), get a flood of new ideas, and bring your product forward by leaps and bounds! Well, maybe not right away. After all, they haven’t gotten a hang of the ropes yet. Your new developer needs to meet their team, learn about your business, watch those pesky compliance training videos, and figure out how the coffee pot works. That’s a breeze, and they should be up and running by the end of the week. Or should it be a month? Longer?