Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master

Common D&D Rules


1) Don’t be a dick. I shouldn’t have to elaborate more.

2) The Metagaming Pigeon is always watching.

3) Take good notes. If you need a hail mary memory spark, you can try one as a Wisdom Saving Throw; however, the DC ramps quickly.

4) Currently legal player options: Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Guide, Eibellion Campaign Setting Guide (Anything on my website or DM’s Guild page). If you want to play something outside of these options, work with Nick.

5) If you miss 3 consecutive sessions without detailing your character plans (barring extreme exceptions), your character will be dead, missing, or mind-controlled.

6) Describe your actions. Creative solutions to difficult problems are rewarded. Example: Sif fell asleep in a tree that caught fire. To avoid being burned alive, he cast Create Food and Water to douse the flames.

7) Inspiration can be granted for a variety of reasons: cool RP moments, finishing your character’s back story, etc.

Overruling the DMG

1) Drinking a potion is a bonus action. Force Feeding a potion is a full action.

2) The first resurrection/revivify/etc. automatically succeeds (barring any ruling from the DMG/PHB, like Counterspell). After that, it becomes a group skill challenge, and the DC ramps quickly.

3) Once you fall beneath 0 hp, keep track of damage into the negatives. To regain consciousness, you must heal back above 0 hp. You may still be stabilized, but this does not bring you back to consciousness. If you ever take your full hp in the negatives, you die.

4) If your character is drunk, spell attack rolls are made at disadvantage. AoE and saving throw spells either grant the target advantage on the save, or follow Warhammer 40K’s rules for missed grenades.

5) A character making a skill check does so on their own. If another party member is reasonably skilled in that ability, they may describe how they’d like to assist, and grant the original character advantage. If more than two characters are involved, it is automatically a group check.

6) Vicious Mockery and Tasha’s Hideous Laughter deal double damage if I genuinely laugh.

Unlimited Power

1) You can’t wish for anything that would break the rules set forth in Aladdin. This includes any means of circumvention in SMBC.

2) The Deck of Many Things does not exist.

3) Barrels are the most broken item in the game.