Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master

The Great & Mighty Grok. A hero of the ages. Follow the story of heroes and villains, triumph and terror, and booze and betting.

Chapter 1: The Alcoholic Amnesiac

Sif, our first hero, begins a journey that will forever change Eibellion. With a trusty mace and a trustier flask, nothing can stand in his way as he begins to explore the islands of Longview. What secrets do they hold? Who is stealing all of Tim’s tools? Why is a mysterious elf touring a small town? More questions and absolutely no answers await our hero.

Chapter 2: A Serious Problem In Cirrus

Having thoroughly explore the Crescent Islands, Sif decides to take on bigger fish on a bigger land mass, so to speak. However, a new town brings new dangers head-to-head with our brave cleric. With danger around every corner, how will Sif find his way to safety and spirits? What new threat grows on the horizon?

Chapter 3: The Punch Heard Round The World

The dangers in Cirrus continue to grow, but so does Sif’s power. With a mixture of might, magic, and cunning, our hero manages to fight back against the powers set against him. Join us as new allies and enemies join the fray, and as the most important introduction in history takes place.

Chapter 4: A Miner Problem

Grok and Sif take back-to-back contracts with the Greyspine family: solving a crisis along a common trade route, and a dangerous rescue mission. What new foes and friends will our two intrepid adventurers encounter?

Chapter 5: Sif, Alone

With new mysteries come new opportunities. Sif continues to follow the threads in the Web of the Black Spider, but will it result in getting captured or discovering new power? Without assistance, Sif will have to rely on himself alone, even if he barely knows who that is.

Chapter 6: Visions Of The Past

Shaken to the core, Sif must press further and further into the Web of the Black Spider to complete his mission while fighting for his very existence. Will the mysteries of the necromancer’s lair kill the cleric, or far worse? The only thing he knows for certain is that the only way out is through.

Chapter 7a: The Price Of Pride

Far to the north, the royalty of the Empire of the First Sun prepare to celebrate their family’s achievements and status. A young dragonborn by the name of Barommakat seeks to earn the attention of the Empress; however, his cousin Daragathel is always one step ahead of him. With his pride bruised, the young noble lets his emotions get the better of him.