Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master


Titles: Chaser of the Wind, Eye of the Maelstrom

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domain: Tempest

Symbol: The Maelstrom

Statements of Faith:

  1. Spin free the wheel of chaos
  2. The storm culls the weak
  3. Stagnation is death


  • Razor Fang
  • Winter’s Circle


For centuries, the feared storms of the Arkellian Ridge kept all but the bravest souls from wandering south towards Marachesia. Dagger-like winds and flash floods made an otherwise short journey perilous. While these storms are fierce, they are mere echoes of the true destruction Feng is capable of. The massive, traveling maelstrom off the southwestern shores of Ivalion stands as a testament to the gods true power. While Ivalion has thousands of miles of coastlines, this storm has effectively cut the continent off from the rest of Eibellion.

The rough conditions weed out the weakest of Feng’s followers, and those who brave the storm are rewarded. Worshippers revel in tales of near death experiences, and proudly wear their scars. The religion is one of little pretense, and acts of devotion are simple. Howling winds mean more than sermons. Churning seas mean more than temples. Survival means more than sacrifice. The most devout and stalwart of Feng’s followers attempt to contact the god by climbing to the peak of his mountain home: Mount Persius. It is unknown if any have survived the journey.

Like many of the other chaotic deities, there is no set day of worship for Feng. The lack of formal traditions and ceremony is a distinct point of pride.



The First Age


The Second Age


The Third Age