Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master


Titles: Seer Of The Void, The Writhing Chaos, The Eye Of The Void

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domain: Knowledge

Symbols: The All-Seeing Eye

Statements of Faith:

  1. All knowledge comes at a price. To learn, one must teach
  2. The Fold is a tapestry of all things that are, all things that have been, and all things that will be.
  3. Knowledge is power


  • The Grand Arcanum
  • Vecna (Sworn Enemy)
  • Iris Vorchest (Champion)
  • Kalaesei Vestiimar (Worshipper)
  • Bruce (Thrall)


The God of Knowledge is also the deity shrouded by the most mystery. In Avalon’s life, he visited the god’s personal library with his scribe. Seeking the wisdom to drive back Orcus, the great monk tricked Hermaeus into revealing the secrets to the great barrier’s construction. As legend tells, the deity was furious over Avalon’s trickery and ripped his library from the Prime Material Plane permanently.

In modern times, the worship of Hermaeus has dwindled tremendously. The remaining followers of the faith seek ways to reconnect with the Seer of the Void, but to little avail. Most worshipers spend their time researching ancient histories and legends in search of ways to find the god’s library, to harness the power Avalon discovered, or to scry into the very essence of the Fold. Many great scholars and wizards have learned much by studying the domain of Knowledge, but little is known of the god’s true form. Most depictions rely upon symbolism, and depict Hermaeus as an all-seeing eye wreathed in shadow.

The domain of Hermaeus is known as Apocrypha, but very little is known about it. The few surviving accounts of the realm come from Avalon’s scribe, but they tell of a vast and ancient arcane sanctum overlooking the stars. Dusty tomes, worn artwork, and endless experiments litter the shelves of the laboratory, containing treasures from this world and many, many more from beyond our lands.

There is no known day of worship to the God of Knowledge, and it’s worship lacks much of the ceremony of other faiths. Most acolytes of the religion tend to lose track of time in their studies, and show devotion to their work instead of rituals and prayers.



The First Age


The Second Age


The Third Age