Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master


Titles: Jester Of The Hells, Second Born, Lord of the Hells

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domain: Trickery

Symbols: Twin Masks of Tragedy and Comedy

Statements of Faith:

  1. Chaos is the natural order of things
  2. Destruction is the grandest entertainment
  3. Death should be agonizing, and beautiful


  • Kato Island Players
  • Nar (Sworn Enemy)


Much of our present knowledge of Huang come from historic record, but dedicated pockets of worshipers can be found dotting the lands of Ivalion. The first demon has a long, complicated history with the arts, especially the Kato Island Players. While vicious and destructive, the god inspired many plays, musicals, poems, and even paintings. Juxtapositions of agony and glee, cruel damnation and poetic justice, and devilry and godhood drive the artists of Ivalion into bold new territories. Only the untrained and uninitiated believe Huang’s destruction is random and directionless.

Having such a strong tie to the arts, and a history of shape changing, Huang has been depicted in many, many forms. In many pieces, the Jester of the Hells will take on the guise of a loved one, a long-dead relative, or even a bitter foe to deliver poetic torture. The common thread connecting them to the devil are the twin masks of comedy and tragedy, often horrifically fused into one.

Huang’s personal realm within the Hells is known as Serenity’s Amphitheatre. The souls of the damned are forced into the roles of players, acting out their darkest sins and moments for the god’s amusement. Lackluster performances are met with torture. Stellar performances are also met with torture, though, these lucky few are often spared the tailored, poetic ironies Huang finds amusing.

Worship of Huang follows no set calendar. Celebrations, periods of mourning, and artistic inspiration may strike at any time, and acolytes often eschew anything but the present. Holidays come and go, and festivities are often reactions to whatever source of inspiration may have, for the time being, founded them.



The First Age


The Second Age


The Third Age