Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master


Titles: Great White Elk Of The Silvermoon Forest, The Elder Spirit

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domain: Life

Symbol: The Oak Leaf

Statements of Faith:

  1. Even the life of a pest is sacred
  2. Heed the calls of the wild
  3. Like drops in the ocean, all life is bound as one


  • Heaven’s Gate
  • The Harpers
  • Sif (Worshipper)
  • Orcus (Sworn Enemy)


Of the physical gods, Odo has, by far, the largest following. The massive expanses of the Silvermoon Forest are surrounded by a perimeter of small, peaceful communities of worshipers. Many spend their days wandering the woods in search of the massive elk and the constant line of animals following her. Odo’s worshippers act as caretakers of the region, offering aide to wandering pilgrims, tending to wounded animals, and guiding travelers to the shores near Blackrock Heights. While most are pacifists and strict vegetarians, they are not defenseless. Many souls have taken life-long oaths to defend the peaceful lives of the region’s humanoids and animals alike.

Odo wanders the Silvermoon Forest as a massive albino elk with piercing blue eyes. Most measurements put her height at over 50 feet, and the echoes from her footfalls thunder out for leagues. Her fur is said to be impenetrable, but few hunters can find their way close enough to find out. Odo is typically followed by a parade of dire bears, wolves, and deer. Local legends say they are the reborn souls of those who become lost in the forest and die.

The Silvermoon Forest has earned its eerie reputation. Many travelers experience strange dreams and the unsettling feeling of being watched. Clerics and paladins of her faith are no strangers to these experiences. While Odo has a physical form, her will is communicated by omen and nuance. The songs of birds, cries of wolves, and grunts of cattle are the languages of her domain.

The Feast of Lovers is a celebration of life and love in Ivalion. On the last weekend of the fourth month, couples, both young and old, set time aside for each other. Many mark milestones in their relationships with gifts, acts of kindness, or more private celebrations that stretch into the young hours of the morning.



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