Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master


Title: Strangleroot Of The Bog Of Bal’Gorod

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domain: Nature

Symbols: The Vine, The Moon

Statements of Faith:

  1. The world was here before us, and will survive after us
  2. All things are connected
  3. Seek to undo corruption and blight


  • Heaven’s Gate
  • Razor Fang
  • Lord Ravenscroft (Worshipper)
  • Orcus (Sworn Enemy)
  • Vecna (Sworn Enemy)


The dank swamps and infested wetlands of the Bog of Bal’Gorod house many strange and powerful beings, and chief among them is Shú. White vines with red diamonds, as well as thick, thorny roots, stretch for hundreds of miles across the region. While the novice adventurer would be tempted to hack through this brush to aide their journey, the learned would never damage the sacred form of the God of Nature. Many have attempted to follow the vines towards a central entity of some kind, but most end up helplessly lost or fall victim to the region’s dangers.

The deity’s followers are just as difficult to follow. The Razor Fang druids watch over the sacred lands they call home. Their worship is stemmed in mystery, but the more clerical worship of Shú offers us insights. Above all else, the domain of nature seeks to establish balance and harmony between all facets of existence: the four elements, life and death, light and shadow, good and evil. In their words, “All life walks in a circle.” Whether for good or for ill, their worship enforces these balances.

Shú’s holy day falls immediately after Almawt’s. As the sun rises on a new year, followers take a chance to find balance in their own lives. Many make promises of change, and plan to use the year as a chance to start anew. Others mark how far they’ve come, and the new person they’ve become.



The First Age


The Second Age


The Third Age