Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master


Titles: Torch Of The Heavens, All-Mother

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Light, Forge

Symbols: The Torch, The Sun

Statements of Faith:

  1. Shine as an example of the virtues of the heavens, and drive out the darkness of the hells
  2. Through faith, all things may be endured
  3. Forget not the sacrifices made to preserve this land



To many, Nar stands as the ultimate paragon. Her self-sacrifice to banish Orcus and protect the lands of Eibellion from the dangers beyond the Prime Material Plane has granted her countless worshipers. The legions of paladins, clerics, and warriors that raise her banner are dedicated to ensuring her sacrifice was not in vain, and actively hunt evil in the world. Above all, those who seek to undo the great barrier between the realms must meet swift justice.

In most depictions, Nar is given the appearance of a young and fierce human woman with fiery red hair, piercing emerald eyes, and full-plate armor of the purest gold. She is often shown wielding both blade and torch, emerging from a burst of light. While many artists leave her as the sole focus of their works, many grand battle tapestries of the Torch of the Heavens decorate the temples dedicated to her.

After the War of the Gods, Nar has stood watch over the realms from the Elemental Plane of Fire- where the great barrier is the thinnest. From this domain, her and her angels have stood guard for nearly a thousand years, driving back the would-be invaders of our realm. Her original domain of Mount Propius survives, but still carries the scars of the Sundering with it.

Her holy day is celebrated during the winter solstice, the shortest day in the northern hemisphere of Eibellion, and it is both a day of remembrance and celebration. During the hours of light, large feasts and celebrations fill town halls and churches to the brim. As the darkness of night takes over, most families return home and gather around their fireplaces to remember the protection Nar affords them, and the price of that safety.



The First Age


The Second Age


The Third Age



  • Nar was originally conceptualized as an evil deity, representing the fires of the Nine Hells.