Nick Nichols

Clojure Developer and Dungeon Master

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The Great And Mighty Grok:

  1. Alcoholic Amnesiac
  2. A Serious Problem In Cirrus
  3. The Punch Heard Round The World
  4. A Miner Problem
  5. Sif, Alone
  6. Visions Of The Past
  7. The Price of Pride

Imperial Nights:

  1. Where All Roads Lead
  2. Friends With Benefits
  3. The State Of Things
  4. An Invitation
  5. The House of Strahd
  6. In Service Of The Master
  7. A Simple Job
  8. The Five Claws
  9. The Thief and The Knight
  10. Error and Trial

Dark Heresy Campaign Logs (Play Order):

Ordo Inpetus:

  1. The Herejia Incident